Display from list dialog.(Power Automate Desktop)

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This is used when the user is asked to specify from a list of options.

How to use.

Drag "isplay from list dialog" from "Message Boxes" under "Actions" onto the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Dialog title

Specifies a text.

Dialog message

List of choose from

Specify by string. A new line is a single choice.

Or list variable.

Keep select dialog always on top

If ON, it will always be displayed.

Turning it OFF hides it behind other windows.

In many cases, it will be easier to use if you turn it ON.

Limit to list

When OFF, users are presented with additional text input options.

When ON, it is a drop-down list; when OFF, it is a combo box.

When OFF, "Allow empty selection" and "Allow multiple selection" are hidden (not selectable).

Allow empty selection

When turned on, a blank space is added to the first choice.

Allow multiple selection

When ON, it becomes a multiple-choice type.

When ON, the variable that stores the results becomes a list.

Pre-select items starting with a + sign

Only available when "Allow multiple selections" is ON.

When turned ON, a + at the beginning of a choice is initially selected.

Variables produced


Stores the selected items.

Even if the Cancel button is pressed, the item is stored.

When multiple selections are ON, the name of the variable becomes SelectedItems and it becomes a list,

When multiple selections are OFF, the name becomes SelectedItem and the variable becomes a normal variable.


Stores the index of the selected item.

The index is stored even if the Cancel button is pressed.

When multiple selections are ON, the name of the variable is "SelectedIndexes" and it becomes a list,

If multiple selection is OFF, the name becomes SelectedIndexes and the variable becomes a normal variable.

The first item starts with 0.

If an empty selection is allowed, or if user input is required, the name will be -1.

The example for "Select1","Select2", and "Select3" would look like this

-1User input when "Limit to list" is turned off,
Empty choices when "Allow empty selection" is turned ON.


The clicked button is stored.

Button pressedValue

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