Find/Replace cells in Excelworksheet Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action performs find (get row/column position) and replace.

How to use

First, specify the Excel file whose data you want to read in the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to Running Excel Action, then drag the Find and replace cells in Excel worksheet Action from Excel onto the workspace.

Set parameters.


Excel instance

Specify the target Excel file.

Specify the Variables produced for the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to running Excel Action.

Since the active worksheet is the target, if you want to target a workbook with multiple worksheets, you should also specify the sheet in the Set active Excel worksheet.

Search mode

Select whether to perform only search or replace as well.

All matches

If ON, retrieve all search results. (Data Table)

If OFF, only the first matched cell is targeted. (Numeric)

Text to Find/Text and replace with

The "Text to replace with" is specified only when the search mode is "Find and replace".

Match case

Case sensitive.

When ON, case sensitive; when OFF, case insensitive.

Match entire Cell contents.

If ON, retrieve only when the "text to be searched" and the cell value are an exact match.

When OFF, it is retrieved even if it is a partial match (the cell value contains "the text to be retrieved").

Search by

Search direction. Rows search horizontally and columns search vertically.

If "All matches" is OFF, only one result is returned, so differences are more likely to appear.

Variables produced

The search results are stored. (Row and column position of the matching cell)

Basically, you can leave it as it is, but if you are loading values in multiple actions

If you are loading values in multiple actions, change the name to something that indicates what kind of value it is.

FoundColumnIndex, FoundRowIndex

If all matches are OFF, they are stored as numeric values.


If all matches are ON, they are stored in the Data Table.

On error

Error handling is performed as needed.

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