Move Worksheet.(Microsoft Excel Office Scripts)

Japanese version.

Introduces how to move a worksheet using Office scripts.


The following syntax is used (Red text indicates variable parts).

workbook.getWorksheet("Moving sheet name").setPosition(Destination location);

The position to be moved is a sequential number starting from 0 (first).

Move to the top (leftmost)

If 0 is specified, it moves to the beginning.

// Move to the top
workbook.getWorksheet("Moving sheet name").setPosition(0);

Move to the end (rightmost)

The next designation moves to the bottom.

// Move to the end
workbook.getWorksheet("Moving sheet name").setPosition(workbook.getWorksheets.length - 1);

Moves to the front or back of the specified worksheet

To move to the front or back of a given worksheet, do the following

let targetSheet = workbook.getWorksheet("Moving sheet name");
let baseSheet = workbook.getWorksheet("Reference sheet name");
let before:boolean = True if moving before the reference sheet; false if moving after the reference sheet;

let targrtPosition = targetSheet.getPosition();
let basePosition = baseSheet.getPosition();
let offset: number;

  if (basePosition < targrtPosition) {
    offset = 0;
  else {
    offset = -1;
  if (basePosition > targrtPosition) {
    offset = 0;
  else {
    offset = 1;

  basePosition + offset

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