Clear cells, rows, and columns.(Microsoft Excel Office Scripts)


Japanese version.

Introduces how to clear cells, rows, and columns in Office scripts.


Using script recordings will target the active sheet.

However, that would change the behavior depending on where the script is run, so it is recommended to specify the sheet name as well.

Change the red text accordingly.

Cell range.clear(Clear apply to);

Clear apply to

Specify any of the following.

Clear apply toSpecify
Hyperlinks (content and format will remain)ExcelScript.ClearApplyTo.hyperlinks
Cell hyperlinks and formatting
(content, conditional formatting, and data validation will remain)

Cell clear

Specify by cell address

To clear cell A1 on the Test sheet, do the following

Specify the cell address with the getRange method.

// Clear cell A1. workbook.getWorksheet("Test").getRange("A1").clear(ExcelScript.ClearApplyTo.contents);

Specified by index (sequential number starting from 0)

To clear cell A1 on the Test sheet, do the following

Specify the index in the getCell method, where the first column (column A) and the first row are both 0.

Cell A1 becomes getCell(0,0).

// Clear cell A1. 

Row clear

To clear the first row of the Test sheet, do the following.

// Clear first row. 

Column clear

To clear the first column (column A) of the Test sheet, do the following.


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