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Python provides a commenting feature for adding comments in your code. Comments can be used to improve code readability and to share code with others. Comments in Python are descriptive text within your code that do not affect the program's execution.

How to Use

single-line comments

In Python, you can create single-line comments using the hash symbol (#). Here's an example of creating a single-line comment using the hash symbol:

# This is a single-line comment

multi-line comments

Python also allows you to create multi-line comments using three quotes (''' or """). Here's an example of creating multi-line comments using three quotes:


This is a




Comments can improve code readability by adding descriptive text within your code. They can also be useful when sharing your code with others. Comments make it easy to understand the purpose and functionality of your code, making development more efficient.

However, using too many comments can make your code hard to read. Use comments only when necessary.

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