Select cells in Excel worksheet Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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The "Select cells in Excel Worksheet" Action is used to activate (select) specific cell range on an Excel worksheet in Power Automate Desktop.

This action allows you to specify the cells you wish to activate. You may use this action to determine the active cell in an Excel file before performing any processing with a macro or Power Automate Desktop on the active cell.

Note that Excel must be installed with Power Automate Desktop in order to use this action.

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How to use

First, specify the target Excel file in Launch Excel Action or Attach to Running Excel Action  and drag Select cells in Excel worksheet Action from Excel to the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Excel instance

Specify the target Excel file.

Specify the Variables produced for the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to running Excel Action.


Specify the position of the cell range to be activated.

You can specify either "Range of cells" or "Range of cells relative to active cell".

Range of cells

Specify the start and end column and row numerically.

For example, specify the following.

Start column2
Start row3
End culumn4
End row5

When executed, the result is as follows.

Range of cells relative to active cell

Specify how much to move from the currently active position.

Select up, down, left or right for the "X and Y-axis direction" and specify the number of cells to be moved for the "X and Y offset".

With B3 cell active, specify the following.

X-axis directionRight
X Offset1
Y-axis directionBellow
Y Offset2

When executed, the result is as follows.

Variables produces

It does not exist in this action.

On error

Error handling is performed as needed.

If a cell is incorrectly specified or If the selection fails for any reason, an error occurs.


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